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Performance wins with React 18

React 18! Concurrent features! You might’ve already tried the new APIs like useTransition, or you might’ve just heard of them. But do you know how you can improve your application performance by using React 18 concurrency features?
The talk will focus on improving app performance using React 18 concurrent features.
I will go through multiple code examples and live demos to demonstrate the performance benefits.

Aashima Ahuja

Senior Frontend engineer @ Fareharbor

I am working as a senior frontend engineer at Fareharbor. Before that i was working at Meta as a UI engineer. I am passionate about web. I have been working on React for over 5 years. I believe knowledge grows with sharing and i like to share mine with others.
In my free time i also create frontend videos. Apart from frontend, i am passionate about music.
I play guitar and also pursuing my vocals training

Mo Frontends Mo Problems Mo Solutions

During the past one year I have been working on a project with Microfrontends using Turborepo deployed on Vercel for a client of Foolproof.
During that time we started this project, Module federation wasn't supported for Vercel and we had to find another way to make it work! During this talk I am sharing all the PROBLEMS that we came through, how eventually you can come around them and how you can eventually get to an Anti-Micro-frontend Patterns, for example as you try to get rid of the Monolith you end up going back to the Monolith! I will do a comparison with other solutions like Module Federation and different bundlers such as Vite, RSpack and explain the differences between all these!
I will also explain what are the overheads of running micro-frontends and the SOLUTIONS to ensure they run ok for your team.

Aris Markogiannakis

Senior Tech Lead, CityJS Founder/Organiser

Aris is a Senior Frontend Developer, a Lecturer and a community Leader in London (and the world), JavaScript Community organiser and the creator of CityJS Conference.
He has been teaching for the past 10 years at City, University of London and other institutions around London for the last couple years.

Craig's Amazing Rust Spectacular (brought to you by Rust-eze)

Rust-eze is an American company owned by Dinoco.
It sells medicated bumper ointment for cars with rusty bumpers, to eradicate rust.
It was created by Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze and since then became recognized trademark in the United States.
Rust on the other hand is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language.
Rust emphasizes performance, type safety, concurrency, and enforces memory safety. Rust is popular for systems programming but also offers high-level features! It's all the rage in Radiator Springs, and becoming the hottest way to build tools that go faster than Lightning McQueen 🏎️. Let's explore the language from the perspective of front-end engineers, see how it compares to TypeScript, and how it might influence the future of front-end.
🏁 Ka-chow! 🏁

Craig Spence

Architect @ HeroDevs

Craig is a Software Engineer from New Zealand, currently travelling the world, freelancing, teaching and consulting!
He's an Angular GDE, and he loves using all kinds of technologies to build cool things that help teams build cool things!

Next.js Unleashed: Optimizing Web Vitals for superior User Experience

This talk focuses on Next.js, the hyped JavaScript framework developed by Vercel.
Specifically, I address how Next.js features such as Image Optimization and Dynamic Imports impact practical applications. To do this, I measure the web vitals of a sample application and optimize them using Next.js features. By this, we will find out of what specific benefits individual optimizations in our new favorite frontend framework have and what we should focus on.
Come & join if you want to gain practical insights and actionable strategies for maximizing website performance and user engagement through the lens of Next.js and Web Vitals!

Eileen Fürstenau

Software Engineer @ MaibornWolff

During my studies I discovered my enthusiasm for technology, innovation and programming.
After a few years in larger corporations such as Continental and IBM, I moved to the IT service provider MaibornWolff.
Today, I work there as a software engineer in agile teams designing various digital products.

Feature management for your JavaScript applications

Learn about the practice of feature management for continuous software delivery, why it's important, how to adopt it in your JavaScript applications for better collaboration across teams.

Fahad Heylaal

Principal Engineer @ DAZN

Creator of Featurevisor. Open Source enthusiast.

Understanding LangChain Agents and Tools with Twilio (or with SMS)

With LangChain, developers “chain” together different LLM components to create more advanced use cases around LLMs.
Agents use LLMs to decide what actions should be taken.
Get introduced to LangChain about what you can do with Agents, Tools, and communication APIs!

Lizzie Siegle

Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Lizzie serves developers in the Bay Area and beyond on Twilio's developer evangelism team and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Bryn Mawr.
She likes Swift, JavaScript, and working with AI, but has been seen writing Python and Haskell as well. < br />When not organizing or attending hackathons and meetups, she enjoys tennis, ping pong, and all things Disney.

The event loop fairytale

Are you intimidated by the Node.js event loop? No need! In this talk, we will demystify the event loop, step by step. Even if you're not a fan of asynchronous code, you'll learn to embrace it as we explore the inner workings of the event loop.

Get ready to think async and join us as we take a deep dive into this powerful tool. You'll leave this talk feeling confident in your understanding of the event loop and ready to conquer even the most complex async tasks. Trust us, it's all part of the loop 😀

See you on the next tick ;D

Lorenzo Pieri

Full Stack Software Engineer @ Birdie

It's never easy to describe oneself, especially when one is interested in so many different topics and fields and I guess that says something about who I am afterall.
I find it fun and entertaining to teach difficult subjects through exotic methods and stories and people seem to also have fun while I do so.
I believe in the union between science and human values (read fun) and I often work and participate in non-profit organization and projects which aim to bring culture and scientific knowledge.

Exploring the Enigmatic: Navigating JavaScript's Uncharted Realms

Delve into the depths of advanced JavaScript features that often remain shrouded in mystery. Join us as we unravel the complexities of Symbols, WeakMap, WeakSet, and the art of Metaprogramming.

In this session, we'll demystify Symbols, showcasing how they transcend traditional properties, enabling the creation of private and immutable members. WeakMap and WeakSet will take the stage, offering insights into memory management.

Metaprogramming, the crown jewel of this journey, will empower you to transcend ordinary coding. Witness how code can be generated, modified, and customized programmatically, opening doors to efficient, dynamic, and elegant solutions.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge to effectively wield these features, elevating your JavaScript prowess. Whether you're an aspiring developer or an experienced coder, join us in unravelling JavaScript's enigmatic potential.

Luca Del Puppo

Senior Software Developer @ NearForm

I'm a Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert and GitKraken Ambassador, I love JavaScript and TypeScript.
In my free time, I love to study new technologies or something about improving myself and do trail running in my love Dolomiti.

AWS Lambda performance tuning

Have you ever wonder how to get the best out of your Lambda functions?
If so, this talk will reveal the behind the scene one of the most popular serverless service and you will be exposed to a step by step guidance for optimizing your functions with live examples.

Luca Mezzalira

Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS

Being associated with the industry since 2004, I have lent my expertise predominantly in the solution architecture field. I have gained accolades for revolutionising the scalability of frontend architectures with micro-frontends, from increasing the efficiency of workflows, to delivering quality in products. My colleagues know me as an excellent communicator who believes in using an interactive approach for understanding and solving problems of varied scopes.
I helped DAZN becoming a global streaming platform in just 5 years, now as Principal Architect at AWS, I'm helping our customers in the media and entertainment space to deliver cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions. Moreover, I'm sharing with the community the best practices to develop cloud-native architectures solving technical and organizational challenges.

My core industry knowledge has been instrumental in resolving complex architectural and integration challenges. Working within the scopes of a plethora of technical roles such as tech lead, solutions architect and CTO, I have developed a precise understanding of various technicalities which has helped me in maximizing value of my company and products in my current leadership roles.

Do we need it?

For the past decade, Javascriptland has been flourishing, and we had the privilege to learn how to work with an ever evolving landscape of tools, frameworks and practices.
But there's an obvious dark side to it, and it's not only the FOMO on the new shiny thing, but also an actual organizational cost associated to it.
This talk analyzes the costs of tech decisions, not in a "budget sheet" sort of way, but building a narrative that touches on team and company impact of tech choices.

Marco Cedaro

Engineering Director @ Storio Group

Webmaster before it was cool, pixel pusher, JavaScript-something, conference organiser, father of two, but mostly known for yelling at clouds.

Advanced JavaScript code search: Abstract Syntax Tree analysis

Searching for specific pieces of code in large JavaScript files can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with complex projects, as developers,
we’ve all experienced the frustration of sifting through hundreds or even thousands of lines of code, trying to locate that elusive function or variable. We’ll learn how to build a powerful code search tool using JavaScript Abstract Syntax Tree and a full text search engine.

Marco Ippolito

Senior DX Engineer @ NearForm | Node.js core member

Currently serving as a maintainer of Node.js, Fastify and Mercurius and member of Node.js security teams.
I'm a developer with years of experience in designing, developing and testing high scalability and distributed cloud applications.
I'm committed to contributing to open source projects and helping the Node.js community grow.

Accessibility: Why You Should Learn About WCAG

Despite being around since 1999, WCAG remains unfamiliar to many developers. We rely on documentation for nearly all aspects of our work, yet accessibility is often overlooked.
However, it's important to recognize that WCAG, despite appearing complex, is simply another standard.
In this talk, we will go over the fundamental concepts of WCAG, and how they can be leveraged to design and develop a more inclusive web.

Mathilde Buenerd

Senior Frontend developer @ Shopify

I am a Frontend Developer at Shopify and a certified Web Accessibility Specialist.
My expertise lies in creating complex user interfaces that are both user-friendly and compliant.
At Shopify, I develop No Code tools, enabling all users to effortlessly customize their Online Store.

I quit with tech and you should too

After 20 years working as a developer, team leader, manager, and devrel, I decided to leave the tech industry.
Looking back, it was the best decision I ever made in my career.
You might want to consider doing the same, or at the very least, reframing your perspective on tech, roles, and company dynamics to avoid reaching a point of no return.

Maurizio Mangione

Head of Career Success @ Boolean

Russian literature lover, wannabe writer, rock climber. Former Google Developers Expert and Microsoft MVP, founder of great communities.

AI Integration for Developers: Leveraging ChatGPT and Copilot in Your Long-Term Projects

This presentation is tailored for developers to harness the potential of AI in their long-term software development projects.

It provides a comprehensive roadmap for integrating AI technologies, specifically ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, into development workflows focusing on sustainability and long-term benefits.

Last, it explores the evolving landscape of AI-powered development tools and offers practical insights into incorporating them for enhanced productivity, code quality, and innovation.

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Technical Lead @ Signant Health

Software engineer and technology passionate - I enjoy building and delivering quality while trying to have fun as much as possible.

The desire to get out of my comfort zone led me to change the context from full-stack, frontend, and API design to technical leadership and architecture in the last few years.

“Adding accessibility” made it worse - but why?"

Accessibility is becoming a significant topic in the next year, as US and European laws are forcing a lot of industry fields to adjust their websites to become overall accessible.
However, product improvements are always first, and features must be released, so let’s add some accessibility in the end, right?

Totally no! Let’s go through the process of what it takes to make a website more accessible. We will understand certain pitfalls and typical mistakes developers make when working on accessibility and see how to improve accessibility without starting our whole project from scratch.

Sabrina Jodexnis

GDE Web Technologies / Web Developer / Accessibility / WTM Ambassador

Sabrina is a GDE in Web technologies focusing on web maps and accessibility. Her big dream is for every application to be accessible one day.
She is also the co-founder of a tech network called the Social Developers Club.

Join us for this talk where we will explore the different career levels and paths for software engineers and share some practical tips and insights on how to grow your skills, impact, and visibility. Whether you want to specialize or generalize, lead, or code, this talk will help you discover the best way to achieve your career goals. Get ready to take your career to the next level!

Gonzalo Beviglia

Staff Software Engineer @ Box

Leading high-impact technical initiatives, engineering huge-scale applications, and aiding in cross-team collaboration has given me first-hand experience across the whole software development lifecycle. I believe in radical candor and mentoring individuals to build high performance teams. I bring proactivity, disruption, and agile leadership to the table. Driving continuous improvement at scale is my north star. I'm an all around player in love with great product companies.